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Building on many existing technologies and standards, it is envisioned that a set of technologies can be created which contribute someway in creating open accessible information processing for the visually impaired and related accessibility communities. This project intends to provide several components, which contribute to the multi modal transformation from input formats into accessible output formats.

The limit of the scope of this project is not set, but it is intended that as primary goals, code already created by the administrators of the project will be extended to at least encompass the opendocument format ( as input, and convert this to the DAISY dtbook format(, Braille Formats and Accessible PDF formats. This code can then be integrated into

How much further the project goes in term of integration of formats depends very much on the community and the open source community as a whole, but it is envisioned that extension of the code and scope can take place to include Talking Book generation on the fly(Possibly Based on MPEG 4 –SA), Large Print text formats(Possibly based on SVG),

For input, it would be advantageous  to extend to some of the other formats used by industry including Quark, Adobe, MS Word(Possibly through the use of Macros), Wordperfect and generic XML input.

The work is carried out by members of the  European Commission eInclusion funded  EUAIN consortium(, and will be used as a showcase of existing technologies for publishers, but in order to ensure that the code has a life beyond the length of the project the development will take place through from the onset.

Intended system overview